How Long do Metal Roofing Colors Last?

Metal roofing is simply the best option in having a roof system in a building construction. This roofing system offers the best advantages that everyone has been wanting for. There is a wide array of metal roofs that one can choose from. Manufacturers and service providers also offer a plethora of choices of metal roofing colors. These colors play an important part in the overall purpose of the roof. They do not only make the building appear simple yet elegant, they also protect the house/building from too much heat and other natural contaminants in the air. They also permit the household or the building occupants to actually save money and energy! No other roof can give you these benefits. Only metal roofs can provide you both the aesthetics and the protection that you have always longed for in your building or house.

One of the most valued advantages of metal roofing is its durability. Metal roofs last longer than an ordinary roof. They can also withstand harsh rains, strong winds, torrid sun and heavy hails. They do not only withstand, they tolerate. That is why, one does not need to repair and maintain the roof every year if he uses a metal roof. It saves both time and resources.

painted blue metal roofMetal is a very durable material. Having said this, it also directly implies that if you install it on your house, you’ll expect that your roof will have a long life. The fact is, when metal roofs are installed properly, they can even outlive the house itself! Most people say that metal roofs can exceed the usual life expectancy of an ordinary roof, which is about 30 years. A lot of metal roofing manufacturers claim that their product can last to more than a century if installed and maintained properly.

Metal roofs are designed to seal out the rain during rainy season, shed off the snow without difficulty during winter, brave the severe heat of the sun during summer, and live through powerful winds that may come any period of the year. Metals are known to be intensely resilient to a lot of elements, such as mildew and even fire. Most people living in fire-prone areas, most especially near the forest, easily lose their houses because of the flying embers in the air. These embers are carried by the wind and they land on the roof. This starts fire. However, if you are using metal roofs, you can prevent your house from burning since metals do not tolerate fire.

Insects cannot destroy metal roofs as well. Unlike other materials, most especially wooden roofs, which easily rot because of hungry insects that devour them every day, metals just do not yield to rotting. They are very resistant and do not easily surrender against harsh factors.

Metal roofing colors also make metal roofs durable and longer-lasting. If the paint is treated with a clear fluoropolymer resin, the roof becomes hard-wearing. Originally used in steel pipes in chemical plants, this specific resin aims to stop corrosion. And not only that, it also blocks the destructive effects of UV light on a surface’s paints. Too much heavy UV exposure results to paint fade. It is reported in fact that metal roofing colors coated in this resin will still have 85 percent of their initial color even after 20 years of exposure to the sun and other natural elements.

When you plan to install a roofing system for your building, do not hesitate anymore. Choose the metal roofing system. With its wide variety of metal roofing colors, it will erase the dullness of your construction while ensuring the safety of your house from a lot of potential dangers.